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I went there around that time and I fully agree. i finished in 2011.

I got a few checks then they stopped. I finished my billing and coding but never got the certification. When i actually did my paperwork to take my cert they didn't fax it off. Then when I brought it up to them they said I waited too long.

And it seemed like every good teacher I got were either fired or quit. To be honest I started with I.T but that program was too accelerated and the teacher didn't seem to care that most of the class could not keep up. Thats when I switched over to medical billing and coding. To be honest they lured me in by saying I could get my GED and attend college at the same time but they never started the GED program.

I feel like we were there during their beginning period. I remember their bus dropping students off at the train station. Its like they were trying to help but they didn't. There's a lot of dissatisfied students that went to Omnitech.

To be honest I'd go as far to say don't attend any school that's not a state school or community college. They are all greedy and only out for money. Its funny my brother also went there for audio. I don't owe as much as you do but I am currently paying on a student loan on a program that didn't help me.

I was young, dumb, desperate, and broke. I was pregnant at the time and I wanted to change my life.

DO NOT ATTEND THIS COLLEGE!!! Go to Atlanta tech or Georgia perimeter or anything but here!

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I attended round the same time I hate I even went there, have student loans and not even working as a medical assistant... damn school was trash...


Do not go to omnitech, go to a state school or a community college. It is cheaper and better quality of education. If you do go, you will be sorry in the long run.

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