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I was at this school last month. Don't attend this school, all of their promises are full of lies & tricks.

Starting with the mean lady that sits at the front window that represent the school the best, in a negative way because she was RUDE and mean to me and my boyfriend. Which I mentioned it to the tour guy. She was a good representation of the school to let you know that it isn't a place for anyone to get an education.

And the other people appear to be nice, extremely nice, but I believe that was only a cover up until they got me to sign the dotted line. I am glad that we walked away.

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omnitech is a rip off. they take your money and don't care about you after.

if you ask me they are all mean and bad people. they can't keep teachers, and some of the teacher shows favorite to other students. right now, i have a loan that I can not pay back because I don't have a job. their is no one to help with job searching.

if you need to go to school, don't go to omnitech, because you can not get a job to help pay off your loan. the school has a bad name.

I graduated about six years ago and I still can't find a good job in my field. I am a pissed graduate.

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